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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  August 16, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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so i'd rather not gamble with the lives of my children and grand children. keep the tweets coming. use the hash tag neil >> they are everywhere. the lawyers who claim they will solve our problems. >> bill o'reilly and do you think america will lock these people up? >> we have too many laws. and let's get rid of something. that is our show tonight. ♪ ♪
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>> now it is time for john stossel. >> kacey anthony, didn't she chloroform her kid and go out partying but they were acquitted yesterday of lawyers. and some even say that it's not my job to determine if someone's else here in the, every american deserves a defense. so they write hard for some horrible people, child molesters, muggers, rapists, how can they live with themselves? here's one of those despicable peoples. in fact, he is head of the association of criminal defense lawyers. so how can you live with yourself? >> i have been a criminal defense lawyer my entire life in my entire career and i'm proud of it and the founders of this country had a brilliant idea and
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the power to prosecutor condemned and kill and to stigmatize this, that person should never stand alone. they should have a defense lawyer to bandwidth than. >> when the fetus were to go down, you are just comfortable with all that? >> uncomfortable with the idea that everyone deserves to have someone with the government to the test of whether or not they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and i'm comfortable that we have a bigger idea in this country. >> this is a country that is over criminalized and we need to have -- john: over criminalized making too many laws and to many people in jail? we will get to that. and early in her career hilly clinton was a defense lawyer and recently discovered a recording of her laughing and bragging that she got a reduced sentence
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for a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. and she apparently thought the guy was hoping that she laughs about his passing a polygraph or in an and shouldn't she be ashamed of that? >> i haven't seen the whole interview and i don't know what it was. >> and we need to have someone advocate for us. to prevent the lowest moment from defining the rest of their lives and all lawyers, you
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notice with surveys and at this point we are arresting 14 million people per year and they need to have somebody with them. >> i should point out that journalists come quite close to the bottom of that. >> we have to live with those caricatures and that's a reality. john: despite our hospital beginning, i invited you on our show because i think you make good points. it's natural when something bad happens want government to do something to top it in too many people the obvious thing to do is to pass a law and politicians do it all the time. they passed more every year and now america has so many criminal laws the government can't even count how many. we are buried in this.
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politicians say they can solve all of our problems with lots, but no, they cannot. and so that is the criminal code. >> we made some excellent points, obviously. just to give you a perspective because numbers really do paint the picture. in 1900 we had about 100 federal criminal and today we have almost 5000 and if you count the criminal provisions that are buried in the regulations, it's more than 300,000 and as you said, they haven't even been able to count them. 2.1 million is the number of people who are imprisoned in this country as we did here tonight. we are the number one incarcerate or in the world in terms of per capita than actual numbers. >> more than china and more than russia and more than every country that we know of except north korea because we don't know about north korea.
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but it's shameful and it's costing us a fortune. there are very few people left in this country that don't have a loved one or a neighbor or a coworker or a friend who has had some brush with the criminal law and we now have between 65 and 70 million people in this country with criminal records. >> the biggest crime is driving without a license. >> absolutely. >> most of those people are not being charged without driving without a license as any other reason. but there is a criminal offense and so because of that we are going to impede their opportunity for the rest of their lives. the other thing that we have to do is stop using the criminal law for every single thing. what we have done is use criminal law. >> the reason for the 2 million and shows mostly because people try to alter their consciousness by using drugs and people like o'reilly who showed the more
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popular want tougher lies in tremont and people are so broke. >> i don't care if you were addicted or not and i don't care whether you have seven pills or not, these lead to death and that is provable. if you sell them we are going to spend a lot of time in prison. if we have prison overcrowding, we will do more with prisons. cemented waste of human resources and it is an economic waste. >> maybe crime is down because we lock up so many people. in fact, in those states and in texas, by the way, the states which has an over incarceration problem, they reduce the prison population in a same time they reduce their crime. >> he's right about that, thank you, norman. it's depressing thinking about people's lives being wrecked. so let's lighten things up and talk about the emergency
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ordinance, yes, such a lot really exist, after idiot politicians actually believe this video depicting a supposedly giant hairy ape known as sasquatch or bigfoot was real. and they pass a law that makes it illegal for anyone to kill a sasquatch. >> the lot is also the title and he writes about that and says that the useless law is actually enacted. so how do we get the bigfoot law? >> there are two possible reasons and one is a sasquatch protection and the politicians aren't that dumb. >> in this case they may not have been, they may have been worried about people because it was either that or they won't protect her and trim production from people that do believe in that but wanted to run around
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the forest to hand on something which seems like a bad idea. >> act of 1856 comments, still on the books, no artificial fertilizer at the time. it turns out a great place to get fertilizer is bird poop and a great place to get it is on islands where seabirds have lived undisturbed for thousands of years. so if you can imagine some of those islands had deposits up to 50 meters. john: i'd rather not imagine it. [laughter] >> so they pass a law that said if you encounter one of these, you can claim it and then it will effectively become part of the united states at least temporarily so that you can mine this down. john: going to take any furbearing animal buddies have been meant or other explosive compound.
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is that right? >> guess, that's right. this is for -- you thought caddy shack was fiction, but in fact, it happens. you have a category, the government not minding its own business. would you need to get a ridiculous law and an example quickly, go to any state federal criminal code and look under the section that is usually called offensive against decencies and morals and you're guaranteed to find something that is completely ridiculous. >> in the criminal code in the books in idaho, laws against fornication. >> yes, that's right. so no one fornicate cinemark. [laughter] >> these laws are harmless, right? >> are you confident that someone will not use one of these laws to such harassment? john: no, i am not confident. but there is one place where there is some hope that people are rising up and that is minnesota. minnesota last year, the
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governor had a program and they would go out and try to make lists of laws that were outdated or that they didn't need for some other reason like it was covered for federal law or something similar. so they managed to find or 1100 laws and they decided that they really didn't need them and they repealed all of them. >> 1100 laws gone. that is a start. john: for every law repealed, verify at once. to keep this conversation going and coming up, let us know what you think. a rich guy living in this fancy
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apartment. he's dewdney and he just got put in jail. also, not all lawyers are evil, but they are the good guys that write to the rest do and we have that coming on. ♪ ♪ 9m
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>> the government tried to take her home. iraqi government wanted to bulldoze my home so someone else can live on my land. john: i thought your home is your castle. the government can just take her home and give it to someone a. big government uses a lot of things that seem to violate what is in here, the constitution. unfortunately a few lawyers will take your case and one is scott bullock of the institute for justice. >> when i heard about your firm and it seemed like a good idea, libertarians getting together, i said, are you kidding me?
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the answer to anything can be more lawsuit. >> well, it can be because there is a vital need to have americans right protected and they are guaranteed in the constitution and they have to be protected by an engaged court system where judges actually police legislatures and executive branch officials in order to bring them in to make sure constitutional rights are protected and limits are respected. that is what the institute for justice is all about. >> is a relatively new group that you have. >> that's right, we have about a 70% track record of striking down laws or shaming legislatures and not to try to repeal the laws after retirement spam. john: and then we had this case about taking away someone's home. >> that's right, the domain was
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designed to be used for public uses like roads or bridges and not for private development projects. >> taking this for the developer, they just put the hometown? >> now there is another the field filled with hellcats and demolition debris and that was a great example of when you do public interest and raise awareness. not only are you arguing the court of law but by the court of public opinion and as a result of that, we have seen an enormous backlash against the decision. a is a lot of good has come out of this decision. john: so you had another case of eminent domain. >> jefferson said that you have to be eternally vigilant in the fight for liberty because of governments are not going to stop violating liberty. so we are starting this the eminent domain abuse coming back
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john: the lawyers against you say that we don't have to provide this on how we plan to use the land, they say the redevelopment. and the economic engine of the casinos in atlantic city is vital to the success of the state. >> absolutely outrageous, all of the atlantic city to knows are going bankrupt. and they have no idea what they're going to do. they just say that we want to take it now and we will figure it out later on and that's exactly what they did. and now nine years after the supreme court decision, there is no new tax revenue and nothing to show. >> the lawsuits that his institute files that make it hard for the little guy to start a business. >> all i wanted was a chance to earn an honest living but the
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government said i could not. >> the government calls us allies. john: a van driver and a tour guide and a hairdresser. >> what they all have in common is they want to pursue an honest living free of interference. but what we too often our government is teaming up with large business interests to try to stop people from starting a taxicab company and it is a marriage of political power and private things. >> now there is a new one called animal massage? >> other animals can get it, but it's typically for horses, this is where athletes get regular
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massages and horses also benefit from having massages, but arizona says you may not do this for money unless you become a licensed veterinarian and he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and have years of school and so even if people would go to that school, they don't teach it in the vet schools themselves. all this is about is lining the pockets, keeping them out of doing a legitimate business and apparently the horses and i'm great at the institute makes these videos. but isn't this a little tooh? ♪
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♪ >> the work that we do is very serious. but that doesn't mean we can't have a little bit of fun and be happy doing it. >> coming up a problem that is free.
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>> we bought stuff from you and we had it checked out and it is counterfeit. >> we bought it right here. >> you didn't buy anything for me. >> that was stossel the consumer report and i spent years
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confronting liars and cheats. i was frustrated because i couldn't punish the bad guy. so i was bad when lawyers got involved that suit the cheaters. and then i realized that often lawsuits do more harm than good and they take forever and they cost a fortune and sometimes the victim would tell me that i just got ripped off by my lawyer. the promise of a solution by lawsuit is just not what it's caught up to be. so now i'm glad there's a cool alternative called >> yes, it's the world's largest petition platform and we empower everyday people to create change on the causes that they care about and we now have more than 70 million people using it until almost one in our on every topic you can imagine.
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john: how are you the biggest? is all of these others things like craigslist and angie's list and what did you do that about 70 million? >> the heart of what we do comes from people's personal stories. some people talk about the things that matter to them and what they are struggling with in their lives and then they use the platforms to mobilize able around them and share those petitions and create dialogs of the people who have the power to change them. and we do see it working everyday. john: and she posted some of their victories. here are three of them. >> a pennsylvania girl battling a deadly disease in serious need of a lung transplant. >> they kicked her off the team for being a girl.
9:29 pm
>> that's right, she's an 11-year-old girl from pennsylvania and she was playing football for whole life and then they decided girls could no longer play and she started a petition and she had hundreds of thousands of people signout. and little do you know, they decided to let her play football and not just her, but every girl who wants to play. >> images conjured >> that's right, she shared it with her friends and family for his and then from there people were mobilized. >> the girl needed a lung transplant and the law at the time said children cannot receive transplants from adult. >> that's right, they can only receive transplants from other children even though their bodies are large enough to take an adult long. and so sarah's mom started a petition on change when she had only two weeks to live and she was able to mobilize people
9:30 pm
effectively and actually get a judge to agree to give sarah and another boy a lung transplant they both live and now the law has actually been changed and children under 12 can be eligible. john: the voice boy scouts now will accept gays. >> we saw 124 different editions over 13 months signed by 1.8 million people. it wasn't just one petition on our website but many campaigns overtime and millions of people fighting this battle and is partnering with other organizations to make this happen. john: a fox station covered this. >> get to know your neighbors. >> family came home from a trip to find this letter explaining the library violating an
9:31 pm
ordinance which doesn't allow structures in the front yards of single-family homes. john: and i think it was put there to keep people from putting cars in their front yard. >> another citizen who heard about this started a petition on his behalf and it took 33 signatures for that to convince the city to change the ordinance and let them keep this on his front lawn. >> and you've gotten people out of jail. 267,000 citizens? >> that's right, they had been in prison for 10 years and those witnesses had said that they had testimony that was not accurate and there was no other evidence against them. after this the lawyers were just put in jail and they would
9:32 pm
basically not retry him and then we had another one yesterday and he was released. >> thank you, jennifer. and coming up, our studio audience worth a thousand dollars to the person who submits the stupidest lawyer driven warning label and here meant to be stuck on a bicycle helmet says warning for decoration only, it will not prevent injury. more is coming up.
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john: if you have the nerve to try to manufacture something in america, then probably will try to protect yourself from lawsuits by adding detailed warnings about what might happen and so how stupid do these labels dead? the wacky warning label contest, he gives a thousand dollars to the person who submits the stupidest warning label. so who wins this year? we are reviewing lots of entries. bob has narrowed it down to five and he has agreed to let you, as our studio audience, pick the worst. whoever cemented the label gets the thousand dollars. >> in a country when you can sue
9:38 pm
someone while you're dunking the ball and then lockwood of $15,000 from anyone who makes a product is looking forward on a football helmet it says warning, no helmet system can protect you from serious brain or neck injuries and to avoid these do not engage in the sport of football. and so they're warning you not to use their products. >> they say on this thing, the careful, this will not prevent injuries. >> yes, that is pretty obvious. >> by the way we call the companies and the football helmet, the company didn't respond on the bicycle helmet they had no comment and to what is that? >> this is a little cell phone battery booster and a growing trend of mistranslated warnings. and it says warning, get rid of children.
9:39 pm
well, -- [laughter] >> poor manufacturing that struggled apparently. and on this printer toner, it's deep inside the printer ink. >> one of my favorite, you have this little toy you may refer to her 3-year-old in and says, do not push vehicle while child is sitting in them. >> this is disney, they didn't have any common either. so which of these is the worst? in a moment we will get to vote, the football helmet that says don't wait football, the battery charger that wants to get rid of
9:40 pm
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♪ [applause] john: now we are back with some of our guests to take your questions and comments about lawsuit abuse. first, we will pick the winner of the worst morning -- worst warning label. but let's talk a little bit about why this happens. it does not happen in other countries. >> and our intent is not to make fun of manufacturers to put these warning labels on their products. it is a realization that they feel the need to do that otherwise they think there will be sued over things they should never be sued over. the basketball net lawsuit or the guy who drove his teeth with of rhode water and then sued the maker of the root -- would rather. john: / only in america? >> because we do not have a loser pay system. that is the biggest budget. john: if you lose you have to pay the other guys legal bill. >> that's right. every other country that is industrialist has a loser pay system peseta few sues someone
9:45 pm
in a frivolous manner you will pay their legal bills. john: all these labels people did not read the ones you want to read. >> for example, on a box of pms might tell there is a warning that states do not use if you have a large prostate. there might be a guy that has such a bad headache he is willing to use his wife's pms medicine. john: something you should use, medical labels. are you ready to vote? [applause] you only get to pick one. raise your hand at the one you think is the stupidest. the football helmet that bob has that says, no helmet can protect you from serious brain or neck injuries, including paralysis or death. to avoid these risks do not engage in the sport of football. who votes for that? a bunch of you. number two, the decal that says this decal is for decoration only and will not prevent injury
9:46 pm
. with fewer of you. number three. got it. the battery charger, get rid of children. that is in first place so far. you're voting twice, some of you. number four, to not drink. a caper. no one for that. and number five, the push to light. don't push the vehicle while a child is riding in it. who votes for that? i thought that was going to win. so the winner is -- >> get rid of children. [laughter] john: and he is going to give a thousand dollars. >> $1,000 to larry klein from costa mesa, california. [applause] john: second prize football helmets, mark lendl of novi,
9:47 pm
minnesota. [applause] >> that is 500 bucks. john: all right. now questions for some of our other guests. it is first? >> in this country there are a lot of horrendous losses, but what can we as ordinary citizens do to try to fix it? >> we have become a society that looks to solve everything bypassing ace -- pass in a criminal law. at first blush it is really their politicians because any time something bad happens is it -- it is easy to say let's make another criminal law, but realls us as individuals. john: what can you do? >> we have to say to our politicians, don't give us more criminal laws unless you can show what the impact will be, what benefit we will get, what the cost will be of enforcing it. it is up to the people now to say enough. john: yes. >> i was wondering how many laws
9:48 pm
there are an american, like overall? >> too many. [laughter] john: nobody knows. they cannot even count the criminal law, right? >> right. that's right. john: yes, sir. >> hello. nick ricci from connecticut. my question is for stock in the metal. why are laws so and pier? you have one lawyer tell you one thing and one tell you something else. >> laws should be as clear and simple as they possibly can be. if we stuck to a simple rules and abided by the constitution as well, which is very long even though it is such a great document, we would have a much more free society. john: yes, sir. >> this is for norman. earlier we talked about hillary clinton getting a child rapist acquitted. couldn't she have -- for any defense lawyer -- look at the evidence and say, this guy is
9:49 pm
guilty. i will not defend him. instead they choose to get this person off on a technicality, and a rapist is free. >> well, i don't know what the facts of that case work, the what i know is this, every person when they are confronted with the full force of the government are entitled to have somebody stand up for them and make sure that if the evidence is there and it is legal that that is what is required in order to convict somebody. is there anybody here who has not done something wrong in their life? can anybody raise their hand and say, i have never done any -- of course not. no one can. [laughter] >> okay. when st. and the rest of the others -- look, this is about human dignity. the idea of having representation for a person is about the dignity of the individual. john: thank you. coming up, my day in court and why it made me hate lawyers and their tricks. but it is with good news, a bad
9:50 pm
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♪ john: i have sued and been sued. when people just cannot agree sometimes there is no other option but going to court. that is why we have courts and judges and lawyers and loss. but what the lawyers do with their power is often outrageous.
9:54 pm
they are so slow and expensive. and then they are mostly indifferent to the fact they are slow and expensive and say, that is just the way our system works. i close tonight with one example from my life. >> john stossel reports the biting paint. john: years ago a philadelphia dentist was enriching himself that patients and insurance companies expense by telling people, you need treatment for a problem with your job. >> tell me about the cooking in your jaw. >> manly when i eat it. john: now, my chocolate sometimes combative was not a problem that needed treatment. however, the doctor said i had a tmz problem and would use fancy machines to make certain. sure enough, he hears noises. a sonogram joins -- draws a computer print. this tmz test showed my muscles were sort.
9:55 pm
three dentists examined me and found nothing. >> you obviously have a problem. john: why don't the other dentists see it? >> we use objective deputation. that does not mean you don't have it pivoted just means they did not identify. john: he recommended despite trade and other treatments that would cost $46,000. he went on tv and basically said he ran a dental mill that ripped people off, so he sued the for libel. he did not tell me to get treatment and a damaged his reputation. a jury would not punish me. except now is not the right word. nothing ever happens now when our legal system. every day in the free-market and real-life we invent ways to do things faster, better, cheaper.
9:56 pm
we have to because there is competition, but in the legal system lawyers act like a monopoly almost never end of trading. nothing goes quickly. it almost makes me feel sorry for people who sue me. before trial minelayers demand that the report produced detailing all persons within you have had written or oral communication and each workshop or seminar in which participated in including to not limited to year some nice work dentists, headache sufferers as well as the date, location, attendance, amount charged to each attendee and so one point it was endless. he had to wait nearly four years just to get me into court. >> 1989. i night of infamy. attacked by 2020 like no other individual got attacked. john: his lawyer finally got to
9:57 pm
call me al leiter him sensationalized and pursued a tv rating. he said that he never recommended i get treatment. fortunately my exam was on videotape. the jury could watch the tape and then decide. but that never happened. instead we had a lawyer war. his lawyers played a few minutes that made it seem as if he had not recommended treatment and my lawyers played parts that showed he did. this happened again and again. back and forth day after day for two weeks. it was ridiculous. why didn't the judge say, shut up. you are wasting the public's money and the poor jurors time. just play the tape. because the judge is in on the lawyers scam. they are just lawyers and robes. trials resemble lived -- religious rituals. we don't get speedy justice but a lot of pompous star --
9:58 pm
ceremony. you must stand in the judge appears. we call them hon. whether the judges are not . lawyers say this is necessary to maintain respect for the law. that is an absurd. a court can take away all of my money, and in a criminal case take away my freedom. that ought to give him enough respect. the pompous ritual suggests there is magic at law. and since many are paid by the hour, the slow tradition lets them run up the bills. in my trial when the jury finally got to me to decide my fate, they decided that i did not libel. in fact, the trial reveal that he had ripped off insurance companies and lied on the witness stand. the court said he had to pay $250,000 to cover my side's legal bills.
9:59 pm
i won. except i didn't. in our system you lose even when you went. the lawyers charge so much. the money abc got hardly cover his legal costs. more than a million dollars. he then went on to get even richer. here is story about his fancy apartment. he got this rich with the help of more lawyers. here is his view. accident lawyers charged in patient companies figure it -- big bucks for dubious machines. finally 20 years after we've revealed this insurance scam philadelphia prosecutors nailed him and his daughter for a similar fraud. he is now in jail. could. but he took much too long. everything that lawyers do takes too long. we need law and lawyers to keep the piece, but you should avoid using them.
10:00 pm
that is our show. see you next week. [applause] >> jeff flock here,lp coming to you from the front seatq of the q!%m" the future of how we get where we're going. there'se1çó marcus ambrose.jn it's coming fast. look, guys, no hands. cars that drive themselves. wait a minute, look at this, park themselves or don't. forget the electric car. maybe what you need islp to hav only two wheels. why vehicles with t"ex wheels af bigger than ones with 18. did you knowçó there is currentz a shortage of 30,000 truckers across america?


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